Another major reno… uh, what?

It feels like we just finished cleaning up the dust from renovating the entrance. My relief was so deep, I swear I could taste it. I was so happy with the result… but almost happier about reclaiming my home and being able to “put things where they go” (instead of simply “wherever”) ESPECIALLY with Christmas just around the corner.

Yesterday afternoon I stepped in a small puddle in the basement workshop/storage area. Well that puddle kept growing and started smelling… and about 24 hours later, there is a team packing up half the contents of my basement, preparing for another team… who will be ripping out all my floors down there!


Bye-Bye any notions of holiday entertaining that I had buzzing around in my head… no brunch, no game night… sorry friends! Continue reading


Welcome home!

welcome home2With just under 2 weeks to go to Christmas, my home is finally coming out of the state of chaos and disorganization that it has been in since we decided to start a seemingly simple renovation of our front and main entrance – three and half weeks ago.

Brandon always laughs at me when I say things like “we’ll just knock this wall down, patch and paint…” Sigh. He laughs with reason because when I say it, I sincerely believe that whatever it is I want to do, it will be simple and fast. After living with the contents of my front entrance (which is A LOT at this time of the year) sprawled all over the house for the last few weeks, I’ll admit that maybe it wasn’t quite as simple, nor as fast as I thought it would be. HOWEVER, I’m also really happy with how it has come together… now that it’s done (!)

So, we went from a tiny little entrance that was 4′ x 3′ of floor room plus a built in closet to this wide open space… that slowly became both beautiful and functional. And now that the coats and hats, snowpants, boots, bags, etc… are no longer finding a place to “be” in my bedroom, livingroom and kitchen (!) and our Christmas tree is up and sparkling in the livingroom, I feel like I can breathe a little, do some christmas baking and finish up the other little things I want to get done this month.

But first… let me show you what we’ve done…

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