Winter: you don’t own me (anymore)

cropped-20161023_092800.jpgThis week I finally completed the yoga challenge (Revolution 31 days) that I started on the first day of 2017. Kind of embarrassing to admit but considering that I did about 25 consecutive days in January, but couldn’t find the motivation to finish until now (among all the other resolutions I set aside during the same time) – it would seem it’s just a symptom of the creeping negativity that high-jacked my  thoughts, drive and motivation through the better part of February.

Do I suffer from the winter blues? Is that even a real thing? Come on Andrea. Take control. Snap out of it. Sigh. Before I go on, I’m not saying it was all bad. There are lots of happy moments, laughter and good memories from this winter, but my spirit – sometimes for real reasons, sometimes for no reason – just kept “slumping”.

It isn’t the first time I’ve felt what might be the winter blues but this year I intentionally set things up to conquer them. Vitamin D – check. Fun winter activities (skiing, sliding, skating, weekends at the cottage, etc.) – check. Time with friends and family – check.



And yet.

After a great start in January (seriously, when blue Monday arrived and I was feeling great), I was certain that all my efforts were working). And then sometime around the end of January (maybe after our trip to Quebec city?), I crashed. I somehow couldn’t keep up all the stuff that was likely helping to improve my view of things (like the yoga, like writing, come to think of it… I think I even became lazy with taking my vitamin D… very counter productive… hmph.)

Last week we spent a week (march break) doing simple and enjoyable, family activities. It was a really good week. We saw almost all of our most special people (family and friends that might as well be family). And I took advantage to take a step back from the pile of files that I can’t seem to make a dent in (actually “pile” is way too nice/organized a word for the state of my desk these days!) and I told myself (again) that it was time to take control. Time to simply enjoy the highs and lows of this life that I have and make the most of it, every day if I can.

Now it’s March. Spring is coming. It’s so close I can smell it (oh wait, that’s the rain falling outside my window). And I know somewhere deep inside that the longer days will also mysteriously bring light back to my mood, my thoughts, my outlook. I know I’m going to be okay and that my quick smile, easy laugh, energy and bounce  are coming back. I just know it.

I started my yoga again this week. I’m writing today. I’ve had a few good pep talks with friends and colleagues. Not that these are magic fixes… but the fact that I want to, in my opinion, is a good sign that I’m  on the mend. Winter is almost over. Light, warmth, life, growth,  beauty, blooming…it’s all right around the corner.

Not to mention a series of parties, birthdays, sizzling bbqs, campfires, hikes and summer vacation planning.

Oh and no more need to wear socks to bed 😉


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