Missing the Annoying Stuff

We recently lost our dog, Reuben, after 11 years of puppy love, fun, and adventures… as well as ample dog hair, poo and barbie consumption (!)

For both B and me, this was our first real experience losing a loved one. Never was it more clear to us that Reuben was not… and never was just a dog. He was a member of our family. We took care of him, we included him in our coming and going as much as possible, and we often adapted our plans and our purchases (some big, some small) with him in mind.

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Although we had talked about the possibility for months  as we watched him and all the signs that he was getting older and closer to leaving us… we never expected it to happen so quickly and we… or maybe more “I”… never expected his death to leave such a hole in our lives.

The only way I can explain it… where once he was EVERYWHERE (as in under my feet. literally.), now he was NOWHERE.

Almost a month later, I still picture him lying under the table, waiting for the crumbs to fall, watching us in the den from the top of the stair, sniffing around the backyard…. and so many seemingly insignificant things, moments or actions remind me of him on a daily basis. And as much as I don’t miss the hair everywhere… I miss my dog and I still find it so hard to wrap my head around the idea that I will never see him again.

In the last few weeks we’ve also realized that the ridiculous amounts of hair everywhere (that drove us crazy!) have been replaced with an assortment of crumbs and dust that he must have been consuming. Ha! The joke is on me I guess. For as much mess as I thought he made, he was actually my personal vacuum. Especially in the kitchen.

Before losing Reuben, I was adamant that we would WAIT at least 6 months and preferably a year before getting another dog. The problem is… I really like dogs… I really think puppies are like UBER adorable… and my husband (poor guy) he really wanted another one… like yesterday!

So in about a week, we’re going to pick up our new dog. She is also an australian shepherd, but different colours, and a female. We’re hoping that full size she is a little smaller than Reuben was. She doesn’t have a name yet and she won’t replace Reuben. He was there for so many big moments in our lives… and is inextricably entwined in so many of our memories from when we were still in school and just “dating” to just over a decade later, married with 3 children.

Layla and aussie

She will be in the memories that we still have to make… she will grow up alongside our children… she’ll probably even be around for Layla’s highschool graduation.

Can’t wait to get to know her. Can’t wait until she’s house trained (ick!).