Politics, a carnaval and intro to lice

This next post was supposed to be a bit lighter after a family weekend in Québec city. Alas… the public events of the last week or so have left me disturbed, frustrated and… grateful for my ordinary life.

I have kept my political views and opinions relatively quiet because, honestly, I still don’t really understand how what is happening is actually happening. I  opted not to share pictures and updates on social media of our family adventures, challenges and mishaps over the weekend because it felt wrong  to be focusing  on everyday ups and downs with everything else that was happening.

The simple excitement of a family getaway… of staying in a hotel with elevators, a pool and continental breakfast, of spending too much on a poutine supper, waiting in line to slide, failing miserably at axe throwing, watching Layla ride a mechanical bull (or moose?), watching Trolls in our hotel room, exploring the Quebec aquarium, meeting Boris the walrus and petting the sting rays…

The stress of finding lice in one of the girls’ hair at said-hotel a few hours after arriving and turning into a crazy person because this is what I’ve dreaded and feared since they started school… and how the heck do we take care of it… at a hotel?!

And then chastising myself for being so upset about something so trivial and mundane when… well… when…!!

And then soon after arriving safe at home and going on a hot water laundry and cleaning frenzy, I read about the shootings at the mosque in Quebec. Everything slowed down a little. What? No. Why?

My heart breaks for the families, for the community, for my Muslim friends…but also for the young man and his family… and all the people who can’t seem to see that our multiculturalism, our differences, and our many commonalities despite those differences, make us better, stronger, richer. That our differences don’t pit us against each other.

Like many, I am deeply concerned about what the future holds. I wonder how we heal, connect, prosper and avoid disaster as we move forward.I wonder how our country will be affected by the policies and deep division of our powerful neighbours across the border. I wonder how we teach our children – the next generation – to be critical thinkers, and wary of strangers, but not to be afraid, fearful or judgemental.

And the lice… well they still bug me (no pun intended). And I’ll keep searching the girls’ hair to make sure they’re gone, probably for weeks to come. But in the grand scheme of things, if this is my  small burden to bear this weekend, this week or this month… it’s pretty insignificant. I am blessed. I am lucky. I am privileged. I am fortunate.