It’s official. I’m obsessed.

Since B gave me the “go-ahead” to purchase some new furniture a few weeks ago, I have spent a ridiculous amount of time with a measuring tape in hand, looking on furniture store web sites and playing with different room layouts on the Brick’s icovia room planner… and of course, thinking about colours.

I don’t know why I get so crazy – wanting my decisions to be so absolutely perfect (cost-effective, good quality and nice… not to mention good options for kids, and considering the pets, etc.) and lasting. But my mind jumps from one option to the next and even when I think I’ve made a “final” decision – I have a hard time turning it OFF.

The living room is actually starting to come together…

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Ten30: A Whale of a Time…

Note: I am so in summer mode. While I may have LOTS to share, I can’t seem to sit down here for long enough to write out a decent post. So,here’s one that should have been posted more than 2 weeks ago!  


“Ten30” is becoming a commonly used term around the office.

Friends and colleagues will begin conversations with “So I was thinking about
your ten30…” or “So what are you doing this month?”. Last week one of my
colleagues’ sent a link around the office with the subject  “Ten30…?”. It was the CTV Toronto report on a new activity for thrill seekers – Walk the edge.  My jaw dropped and my palms were sweating as I watched the reporter and contest winners walk around the top of the CN tower.

An adventure for the coming fall? Just maybe…

This month (July)’s “first experience” was much tamer. When Brandon
suggested that we celebrate our 7-year wedding anniversary by going whale
watching (as a part of a short getaway to Quebec city), I said yes right away –
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