Not ready for Christmas yet…

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At the risk of writing a post about the “weather”…

Christmas music is playing, the malls are bursting at the seams (don’t even get me started on the parking situation!) and the familiar buzz of the holidays is getting louder and louder… but… it’s different this year. Yes, it’s the end of November. Yes, we’ve had (just barely) our first snow (even though it’s already melted), but despite the fact that most years I’m counting down to the first weekend of December to put up the Christmas tree (next week…!) I’m just not ready yet… and I’m not totally embracing the early arrival of telltale holiday everything.

For someone who loves “Christmas” (and when I say Christmas –  I’m referring to the true meaning and the season of giving and family, but I’m also referring to the decorations, the food, the music, the parties… it’s ALL special in my books), I’m wondering if this hesitation to jump into holiday preparations this year is brought on by the weather? And not the bad weather… the unusually great weather that we had in Montreal over the past month.

She’s crazy, right? I know that’s what you’re thinking… But  come on, normally, november is so dark and gray and depressing. One (such as myself) can’t help but jump into the excitement and buzz of the upcoming holiday season… it helps to… I don’t know… add that little sizzle into an otherwise dreary month.

Sure, this month has been dark (as usual) and it’s still disturbing to leave work in the dark (!)… but on the other hand, we’ve had some incredibly warm and even sunny weather. I’ve had a few invigorating lunchtime runs… I just took my winter coat out this week when got our first snow… and that snow is not gone AND we’re expecting well above freezing temperatures until at least mid-week.

Christmas? Really?

Makes me wonder how people in climates with less extreme seasons feel…