Summer Memories…

(Apparently I’m on a role this week… or feel like I have a lot to share… 3 posts in 1 week, crazy Andrea, crazy!)

Today is officially the first day of summer.

Pretty exciting, huh? Even more exciting when you’re a kid, a teacher or let’s say… someone extending maternity leave for a little while to be able to enjoy a few more sweet moments with the little one. Yes. That would be me. Yay!

Here’s to… soccer, swimming, long walks, picnics, searching for tadpoles and other critters, lazy afternoons, strawberry shortcake, campfires, trips to the cottage, the zoo, the water park, late nights, early mornings, BBQs, sunscreen, bug spray, reading on the swing or hammock, flying a kite…

This week I finally finished updating my family photo albums (a project I had on my to-do list for my year off work) up to Christmas 2012. 1800 or so pictures later (not kidding – I had yearsss to do – making it a rather expensive project)… I noticed something about our picture-taking. Aside from my trip to Kilimanjaro in 2011 (which filled an album all on its own) a really big part of our family pictures are taken in the summer. And they are beautiful pictures… happy pictures… fun pictures.

summer pictures

And pretty soon, this summer will be summed up by a collection of pictures as well. This special summer – where we are ALL off, ALL home, ALL together, ALL the time…

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Not completely myself…

periodI haven’t been feeling completely like myself lately.

Anyone who knows me relatively well can vouch for the fact that I am a tad wonky on a good day. I overanalyze conversations, relationships, missed opportunities… I’m a little restless… a little indecisive… I love a good project…. that I don’t want to miss out anything while I’m trying so hard to find a way to do everything (and nothing at the same time…uh…huh?!)…

But lately…… I’ve been seeing RED. Last week I had so much less umph (yes umph) in my work outs. This week I could have boiled an egg with the rage coursing through my veins for what really… was… nothing.  I could have confused a psychologist with the many different directions my thoughts have been taking me… Continue reading

Finding time… to Budget

Who is responsible for keeping track of cash flow in your home? I’m not sure how or why it happened, but I’m pretty sure it’s always been me in ours.

With money management being one of the top reasons for conflict in a marriage, I think that Brandon and I are pretty lucky to share a similar view of, and approach to, money. How we save. How we spend. How we give.  How and why we sometimes fail at following our budget (!)

When I started writing this post I was ready to tell you all how I think I’m pretty good at this whole “budgeting” thing. Continue reading

Finding time… for my girls

If you haven’t already, please meet Layla, Meaghan and Violet. My 3 beautiful monkeys/princesses/goofballs.

I’ve been a “Mom” for just over six years now. Sometimes… I’m not sure I really remember life before kids. I know I’m not the only one but still – is that weird or what?

Getting to where I am today – a youngish mother of three – the increased responsibility, the more mouths to feed, the extra demands, the multiplying hugs and kisses going around…heck… the sometimes overwhelming quantities of dirty laundry (!) – certainly didn’t happen overnight. Continue reading