Another major reno… uh, what?

It feels like we just finished cleaning up the dust from renovating the entrance. My relief was so deep, I swear I could taste it. I was so happy with the result… but almost happier about reclaiming my home and being able to “put things where they go” (instead of simply “wherever”) ESPECIALLY with Christmas just around the corner.

Yesterday afternoon I stepped in a small puddle in the basement workshop/storage area. Well that puddle kept growing and started smelling… and about 24 hours later, there is a team packing up half the contents of my basement, preparing for another team… who will be ripping out all my floors down there!


Bye-Bye any notions of holiday entertaining that I had buzzing around in my head… no brunch, no game night… sorry friends!

This is probably the only time I’ve been so happy that we pay what we do for home insurance…. which, let’s be honest here, seems completely ridiculous when nothing happens to go wrong. With that said, I happen to be VERY impressed (so far, I may be eating my words eventually) with the support. As soon as I called, they took care of everything. I would never have known who to call (other than the plumber). And the silver lining in all of this is that we will get new basement floors and for the first time (ever) Brandon and I don’t have to consider what we’ll do ourselves to “save” money. That’s actually kind of incredible.

Still – it is very different to live in reno mess when you’re chosing to do the renos. Unfortunately I’m not quite as excited about the work that is simply to replace what was already there (minus the bacteria that came up with the water – bleck!)


More to come…


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