I don’t WANT to give up…

I’m sad.

This past May I decided to start running. I went to have my stride evaluated. I found some good shoes for a bargain and purchased an app for my iPod that provided me with a great program to ease me in, and get me running, gently.

Now, in the middle of my sixth week of the program, I’m on hold. My left hip has been hurting a lot for the last ten days or so… and at first I thought it would go away on its own (you know… the uneducated theory of keep the muscles warm and moving and they’ll adjust…), but it doesn’t really seem to be working and I’m starting to be concerned that I’m going to hurt myself for real. Continue reading


No Such Thing as Supermom (2)

Last week I started writing on my opinion that there is no such thing as a “supermom”… and talked about coping mechanisms that can help some of us trick people into thinking that just maybe we have it all (or mostly) together (My theory is that it’s a nice mix of support, motivation and excellent time creation management skills).

This week… I’m writing more about…

…the right motivation.

Whether I’m trying to shed a few extra pounds, exercise more regularly, better organize my home or take on some new personal project, I find that I am both more driven and more successful when I have the right motivation.

Finding the right motivation isn’t always easy for me… and it most certainly isn’t found in the same place for every type of thing or for everyone. Think about it. Our realities are as different as we are individually. And as individuals we are constantly growing and changing, influenced by our surroundings, our support systems and our vision(s) of the world. Suffice to say, I just don’t think that there’s a cookie cutter answer here. Sorry. Continue reading

No such thing as “Supermom” (1)

Two separate people called me “Super Mom” this past weekend… for totally different reasons and with completely different meanings, but still.

What comes to mind when you hear that term? Many things come to my mind… “I” don’t.

As nice as it is to hear that people think I’m doing a good job – I feel like I need to say it…

I am not her. I don’t know her. And I really don’t think she exists. Continue reading