Our Diet is Evolving

homemade-bread2I think every family develops their own eating style. Some borrowed from her upbringing, some borrowed from his… and a myriad of other influences along the way. We pick and chose from the foods we’re exposed to (not to mention all the “good eating” theories out there) to find a way that is our own –  a diet that we’re comfortable with (and that the kids will eat without too much of a fight!).

Not as simple as grabbing some grub and stuffing your face!

Even though we all have to eat and we all have to figure out what and how we’re going to feed ourselves – eating well is not as simple as it once seemed. In fact, I would say that it feels  like more and more people are talking about how we should be eating. For crying out loud – McDonald’s has even started marketing a “real food” message and adding healt”ier” options to their selection!

Figuring out your eating style may just be harder than ever though – especially if you want to make conscious and healthy decisions. There are just so many competing voices out there. Eat more vegetables, eat less carbs, eat more meat, eat less meat, go unprocessed, add more fish, don’t eat too much fish… and the list goes on.

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This is going to cost me!

Now that we know for sure that we’re having another little girl, I couldn’t help myself when I saw the adorable pekkle pyjamas and onesies at Costco this  weekend. I left with ten onesies, four 3-month sleepers, two 6-month sleepers and two adorable “outfits”(+ one more from the Children’s Place)… and even though they were all priced really low – my total bill came up to just under $100. Ouch.

A few 3-month outfits

In retrospect, maybe giving/selling all my baby stuff when I was fundraising for summit for wishes wasn’t such a good idea. Maybe? Uh… definitely!

This is going to cost me!

But it’s going to be so much fun too . I’ll just have to cut back on other things… and find a good second hand baby clothing/apparel store nearby!

On a whim…

Don’t ask me why I’m back after months of silence… but I am.

I wanted to share my great find… a dress for my brother’s wedding.

Since I’ll be exactly 6 months pregnant on their big day, I’ve been searching the web for nice formal maternity gowns. Not easy to find – especially when I need something shipped to Canada.

After posting a questions “where do I find a nice formal maternity dress?” on my aok facebook page last night, I stopped at the BCBG outlet store just for fun on my lunch hour today… and found the perfect dress.

I was impressed at the HUGE selection of long (and short) dresses, and with the help of a great sales rep searched for long (that way my belly can’t make it too short) and flowing (so that my belly still fits in it in 2 months time) dresses. I probably tried on 12.

I found a few really good options, but it was the last one (with the biggest price tag of course) that caught my attention. I asked why it wasn’t on sale like the others and when she passed it through the cash, it had just been reduced… by half! AWESOME.


I tried to find a picture of it on the web… but the best I can do is show you the style and the colour in two different pictures. It’s a little hard to imagine with the belly, but it really looked beautiful and classy and chic. I’m so excited to wear it for real!

And since it’s just a couple sizes bigger than I normally wear… maybe I’ll be able to take it in and wear it again someday? Maybe.

The style

The colour