The words escape me…

I want to write again.

It seems like a pretty simple thing, no?

The problem is… every time I sit down and start working on a post my thoughts go in a million different directions. Family, love, religion, school, friendships, success, career, struggles, exercise, food, fashion, home decor, wine,… what to do with all this bloody Easter chocolate that there is no way I’m letting the girls eat every last bite of… no seriously, what do I do with it?  Continue reading


Time to smell the roses

Making a conscious effort to focus on (remember) the positive…

The subject of this post has been playing around in my mind for a few weeks now. Today in particular, after spending most of my day with my sick two-year old, and after a particularly stress filled week at work, it’s a subject that is close to my heart – and a concept that I need to put into practice. now.

Two-months ago I was still in the middle of my trek to the summit of Kilimanjaro. The high that I felt in completing that feat – and the fundraising project that lead me to Africa – stayed with me for several weeks after my return to “regular” life. 

Now that the stress of work and the everyday has caught back up with me, I’m trying to find a way to grab hold of the positive energy, the confidence and the overall “good” feeling and perspective that I had in January. Continue reading

Getting it done…

Had I known back in November what my workload at the office was going to look like this month (and next…) I probably wouldn’t be heading off on vacation in a few short days.

I know work won’t fall apart without me, and that things will get done when they’ll get done… but when I’m in the thick of the rush, the deadlines, the stress… it certainly feels like what I’m doing is incredibly important. And like I’m the only one who can do it.

Ha! I have to stop and laugh at myself a little. But perspective and balance seem very far away right now. Continue reading