About me (Andrea):

I’m 30, married to my high school sweet heart (Brandon) and have 3 beautiful girls (Layla, Meaghan and Violet). I also have a dog, a cat, and other pets that I really don’t consider my own.

I have my hands full at home with the man, the girls, the pets and all the renovation/decoration project ideas swirling around in my head – I also have an “office” job  in communications and public affairs.

I started writing A.O.K, a personal blog, in July 2009. I don’t consider myself a real “blogger” – but I do enjoy writing down some of my crazy thoughts and experiences for anyone who wants to read.

Things that I love…

My husband, my girls, my family and friends… my faith… adventure, eating, kissing, swimming, organizing, decorating, cooking, baking (did I mention eating?), vacation, wine, coffee, reading a good book, ice cream, the beach, sleeping, massages, singing (mostly in the shower or with my babies), decorating, evening walks, the smell of summer… and feeling like I’m having an impact or that what I do matters somehow.

One of my biggest personal accomplishments (other than giving birth to my amazing daughters OF COURSE!) was raising over $16 000 and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for the Make-A-Wish foundation in January 2011.

I also did some other pretty neat stuff in the year before I turned the big 30 (which isn’t seeming so big these days!)

Can you say LIFE EX-P-EEE-RI-ENCE 😉

Things that I’m not a fan of…

Needles, cantaloupe, pregnancy (although of course I love the end result!), cleaning the bathroom, being talked down to or made to feel like I’m not good enough… but who likes that, right?

About this blog

A.O.K. or “Okay with Andrea” is a hobby and an outlet. It’s where I share my experiences (or lack there of), my ideas and opinions with anyone willing to read. If you stick around you’ll notice that I don’t have a specific theme but I do write mostly about my experiences as a wife, a mother, the house “chef”, a friend, a professional – as I try to achieve some balance in it all. And because I really do try to keep it as REAL as possible.

With (all) that said, thanks for stopping by… I hope I managed to make you smile, laugh… maybe even cry (in a good way of course!).



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Andrea,

    My name is Tara and I’m the editor at Baby Lifestyles. I came across your nursery on your blog today and was so impressed with your creativity in putting it together. I was wondering if you would let us feature it on Baby Lifestyles in our new ‘Real Nurseries’ section. It’s meant to provide expectant parents with inspiration for designing and decorating their own nurseries.

    If so, please let me know, I’d like to send a short Q&A about some of the details, especially some of those DIY touches. And of course we’ll link back to your blog as well.

    Looking forward to speaking with you soon,


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