Meaghan. Megs. Meggie. Megsi. Magoone…

It’s so obvious that I’m not a true blogger… posting sporadically… starting a post only to come back to it 5 days later in hopes of grasping a little bit of the reality that is my little 4-year-old… at this point in time… alas… this is more for her and me than anyone else but if you’re reading, I hope you enjoy and that some of what I share resonates a little (or a lot) with your own reality is some way.  


Dear Meaghan,

IMG_6817As I sit here and begin writing, I am looking at the time at the bottom of my computer screen. Four years ago I was holding you in my arms for the first time, taking in your little nose and cute pointy chin, your reddish hair, your lanky limbs and your especially long feet. I don’t think your dad and I had agreed on a name yet and only a handful of people knew that you were officially “here” and no longer wrapped snuggly in my big big BIG belly. Continue reading


Six years old, huh?

Dear Layla,

562603_10151592434946217_248912777_n[1]Six years old, huh? In some ways you are such a big girl now. In other ways you are still my sweet baby.

On your birthday, of all days, I can’t help but think back to the morning when I found out your Dad and I were going to be parents. We were young and we were excited… and maybe a little scared(!). We didn’t know… couldn’t know… how much our lives were about to change. But today, my sweetie, (with not just you, but your two little sisters as well) it is unbelievably hard to imagine what life was like BEFORE you came along. Continue reading