My baby is two…

My baby – my oh so calm, oh so whiney, oh so sweet, oh so… dramatic little lady is two years old.

We celebrated her birthday with both sides of the “immediate” family over a simple Easter brunch. Breakfast sausage, scrambled eggs, a store-bought quiche,  pancakes, fresh fruit and home-made mandolins

It may sound like a longish list of food to prepare, but I swear, I was totally keeping things simple…

…especially in opting for cupcakes instead of a birthday cake (like last year‘s “raffy” cake!) Call me lazy or call me sane… I’m sure I fall somewhere in the middle of the two… but I’m just too tired to try to wow the family with my domestic diva skills (which are nowhere near diva-like) – and Meaghan was truly thrilled with the pink, purple and yellow cupcakes! Maybe there’s something to this K.I.S.S. philosophy after all!

Getting back to Meaghan though – I have to make note of what it is like living with a just barely two-year old Meg. 

When she’s cute, she’s absolutely adorable. When she’s not… she’s absolutely not.  When I said that she is “dramatic”, I really meant it. She is a little woman of extremes and she’s only two. But then… she’s always kind of been like that. She laughs more than Layla did. She cries more too. She can be incredibly sweet and adorable. She also gives some of the meanest looks I’ve ever seen on a such a young face. She can melt your heart… and make you want to pull you hair out. That’s my Meggie.

As the youngest of our two girls, Meaghan is really starting to copy a lot of the things that Layla does. Hence – if Layla is being mischievous, you’re pretty sure that Meaghan is too. If Layla is being affectionate, then you probably have four arms, and not just two, wrapped around your body.   

But as much as she may copy her older sister (for better or worse), Meaghan doesn’t need to follow her example to be affectionate – it’s probably more the other way around actually. Meg is a hugger… “Elle est une petite colleuse” in french. She likes to be held and to rest her head on your shoulder. She likes to crawl up with you for those last 15-20 minutes of sleep in the morning (and yes she does actually go back to sleep). And she has this way of taking your face in both of her hands, puckering up and planting a slimy kiss on you – and the slimy part doesn’t matter so much because the tender way she holds your face in her tiny little hands… makes you feels so so so loved.

There’s something else about her being the second child… something I’ve noticed since I’ve had her. Not only did I learn my lesson after wishing away some of the earlier (and more difficult) moments with Layla – which made me make a conscious effort to enjoy all the ups and downs with Meg…

But Meaghan really is my baby.

I don’t know how to explain it, but ever since I’ve had her, I’ve looked at her older sister differently – as older I guess. But I just know that unless I have another one someday, Meaghan will always be my baby… no matter how many candles are on her cake.

Happy Birthday my sweet little Megs. I’m pretty sure the next year will be interesting with your “terrible twos”… but I’m having so much fun watching you grow and carve out your own unique place in our family. That place is one that only you can or will ever be able to fill. Because you’re you…. beautiful, funny and loving you. Because you’re unbelievably special just the way God made you. love you, Mama xx


Shopping Therapy

It’s mid-april and though I don’t think I ever realized it before, this seems to be sale season.

I got in some pretty decent “shopping therapy” this past week when a lunch outing brought me to the 40% of all discount items sale at RW&CO.

I’m not absolutely sure that it’s related or if it’s because of the weather or something else, but leaving the mall with a bag full of new items lifted my spirits and put a bounce into my step. Continue reading

Four years… (2)

April marks the beginning of “birthday” season in our home. Both girls were born in April and their Dad celebrates his own birthday just a few weeks later in May. With L turning four this year – we’ve been talking about her birthday for months… and trying to come up with an original way to celebrate. I don’t know about you, but I actually remember my fourth birthday quite vividly – the strawberry shortcake theme, the little english muffin pizzas, and of course – the boy who tried to help me blow out my candles. I’m still not quite sure where the idea for a “Ballerina tea party” came from, but once it was vocalised, there was no changing L’s mind…

Continue reading

Four years… (1)

If I take a moment to dive into my memories, I can remember the morning that I took my first maternity test. Barely an hour earlier, I had sleepily discouraged B from carrying his cell phone to work that day – after all I had cramps all night and I was sure my period would finally arrive later that morning.

Once I finally crawled out of bed and padded to the bathroom down the hall, I opened the box and read the instructions. How was I going to do this without peeing on my hand? Unsure… I grabbed a cup and positioned myself. I set the cup on the counter and stuck the end of the test into it – fully expecting to have to wait a few minutes “like on television” and not at all expecting a positive result. Barely 5 seconds later, I was staring at two little pink lines – and with a nervous laugh, I knew my life (and body!) would never be the same again. I had no idea. Continue reading

Decisions Decisions

As I was logging on to Okay with Andrea today, I read the little slogan that I came up with when I moved over to wordpress.

Live. Love. Laugh. Just do it.

It’s easy to say and easy to write down – but I’m finding that it’s also easy to lose perspective. And quickly. Whatever happened to my big “kilimanjaro” lessons? Live life in the moment, slow down, enjoy…? I haven’t even been back from Tanzania for three months. Continue reading