Kicking Off Summer 2011

June 21st may be the official first day of summer, but for anyone living in Quebec, the true beginning of the summer season comes (AKA the end of the school year) on June 24th with St-Jean-Baptiste-Day. And voila… 2 back to back long weekends that bring us right into July.

Our first weekend of summer…

Unfortunately I have no pictures of my St-Jean long weekend, because instead of a beautiful weekend (like the one I spent working the week before) we got cool weather and rain for our first camping trip of 2011. Enough rain to make us woosy out, pack it up and drive home before attempting a second night. Bleck. Continue reading


Practicing Gratitude

This past week has been one of the busier ones of a season of busy weeks. More work, less sleep, more stress and less time. Needless to say, the benefits of a fun night out with the ladies didn’t last as long as I was hoping. Dancing? Anyone? I think I need a fix. 🙂

But while this past week had its low moments… and this last month, some of the lowest I’ve had in a very long time; if I take the time to reflect, there were also some really great “high” moments.  And some good advice to consider.

“Gratitude is the greatest emotion” – I posted this on Facebook last night, Continue reading

Girls night out

This past Saturday I had my first real girls night out in a really long time. It came about after a flopped attempt to throw a birthday party for one of my colleagues’ 30th birthdays (Happy Bday Izzy!). Some of us still wanted to do something… and that something quickly created a buzz around the office. I work in Communications… so it goes without saying that there are a lot of young women (and young moms) working in my department.

Reservations were made at the Kabana Restaurant and Bar  – a trendy “Supper Club” on the South Shore of Montreal for 9 p.m. (after the kids were in bed).

With eight of us confirmed, I know I don’t just speak for myself when I say that I was so excited to get dolled up, go out and get down on the dance floor!

Despite the pricey drinks and the fact that the music was a little too loud and not particularly conducive to girl talk/dinner conversation, the atmosphere at Kabana was amazing, the food was excellent and it was great to go from dinner to dancing without changing locations. I wouldn’t take my review too literally though – you have to keep in mind that I don’t get “out” all that much (well… certainly not like that).

I had a great time. The expression “seize the day” comes to mind when I think of the slightly excessive number of drinks, the joking and dance moves once dinner was done… and feeling young and even kind of sexy as I danced and laughed away the stress from the past week (and month… and season…). And despite the fact that my legs we sore and achy from dancing in heals until past 2 a.m. (yes… and thank you B for letting me sleep in a little!) – I’d do it again.

It also turns out that I’m quite entertaining. Or so people say. I choose to take it as a compliment because I know that it’s  because I make people  smile and laugh. (Let me be specific here, I make girls laugh. Boys just don’t find me as funny.) Still… whether it is sometimes with me and sometimes at me… I think that it’s a pretty good thing.

My colleagues now know that if they want to get me talking (or singing) – red wine works very well.  They also know that I have some pretty crazy (or awesome!) dance moves.

Ten30: Starting Running

When I first decided to do this “Ten30” project, I figured it would be easy to come up with something new to do each month for ten months.  What I didn’t realize was how quickly each month would go by, and how at the end of each month I would find myself scrambling and trying to come up with something interesting to do.. that wouldn’t require significant funds or advanced planning.

I was feeling rather lame at the end of last month for not coming up with something for the month of May – when I realized that I did do something “new” this month. I started my first ever running program. So maybe I haven’t run my first 5 K yet…. that doesn’t take away from my new experience, does it? And even if it does, who really cares? I’m doing this project for me – no one else. And I’m certainly not going to be evaluated by it. Continue reading