No such things as “Supermom” (3)

I’ve been writing this post since August sometime. Should be better than this… but hey – I finally finished it, right? Hmmm… I suppose.



Raise your hand if you’ve ever thought, whispered or shouted some variation of the following words:

Imagine what I could do if there were just more hours in a day.

Imagine… sigh. 24 hours, that’s all we have. And if we’re smart we follow the rules of the industrial revolution and use at least eight of those hours for rest (or better yet – actual sleep).

If you’re a mom… do you remember life before kids?

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My “grown-up” bedroom

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about how I was obsessing over decoration ideas for my new improved living room and master bedroom. Since then things have really started coming together – though we have yet to receive the chest dresser that goes in our bedroom and the beige chaise for our livingroom, not to mention the exchanges we’re waiting for on items already delivered. It’s not a quick process, but there has definitely been signigicant progress.

Although we started with the livingroom,  our Master bedroom (MBR) is the currently the most “defined” in terms of decor/completion.

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Summer lovin’

I haven’t posted in almost a month. A busy but relaxing month. Lovely. I could have written so many different posts over the last couple of months…

Titles would have looked something like this:

  • Ten30: Out on the water (sailing!)
  • Surviving a 12 hour + car ride with small children
  • A Failed attempt at mackerel fishing
  • A camper with a view (camping at the family farm)
  • Simple pleasures: rediscovering the slip’n’slide
  • I *heart* wine
  • My easiest (and quickest) summer meals
  • Baby snakes 101
  • Personal Recharge: The power of a little sun and a little fun
  • …etc…

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