Spring Hope

20130309_065349 (2)As the years pass, I notice more and more that January and February are difficult months for me. Whether it is because of the lack of light (and a case of classic winter blues), the down after the steady climb and peak of the holiday season, or whatever – something happens in my head during the coldest and darkest winter months.

Instead of taking advantage of the lull in activity to be introspective in a positive way, I allow the clouds to roll in and consume my thoughts. Instead of focusing on everything that I have to be grateful for, I lose myself in the “what if’s”, I see all that is wrong instead of all that is right… I see all that I AM NOT doing instead of all that I AM. I lose my motivation. I close in. I forget to be intentional. I mope.

Something magical happens as I get deeper into the month of March… as the days get longer, the sun shines stronger and the number of muddy puddles doubles/triples and multiplies. I swear I can feel a physical weight being lifted off my shoulders, I slowly become lighter on my feet, I sense something new… the familiar flutters of “hope”.