Sweet Vi is Two… and a bit…

I started writing this back in the summer… just around the time of Violet’s Birthday. Alas… life got busy and true to all the tales of how the third child gets a little less “attention”… I am only now (finally) taking a moment to complete this little narrative “snapshot” of just how uber cute and wonderful (and mischievous) Miss Vi is at two years old…

To my sweet baby girl,

All too often I find myseIMG_0873lf sheepishly grinning; shrugging and saying “third child” to excuse or explain the fact that I am more permissive or less cautious… less concerned… or dare I say it… increasingly lazy (!) than I was when your older sisters were your age. As a case in point, it would have been all too easy to let your 2nd birthday pass without taking the time to sit down to consider, reflect on and attempt to put into words (and somehow freeze in time) the way that you are today, at two, and what you bring into our lives that is special, funny, sweet and uniquely… “Violet”. 

On a side note: My thoughts are jumbled these days… Where have I come from? Where am I going? What are my options? What do I really want? Really? …and although I have a lot to share in general, I have very few words that I am certain I should share and very few thoughts or ideas that I feel are defined or clear enough to put out there in black and white(!).

But with regards to you, my sweet Vi… Vee-Oh… Vee-oh-letta… 🙂  I may be late but my thoughts are clear, my heart is full and I have no questions or regrets whatsoever… except that maybe I don’t get to cuddle you as much as I’d like to… that you’re growing up way too fast… and that I am seriously going to miss this “baby” phase (despite all the little inconveniences and the increasing sense of simile-freedom as you and your sisters get a little older)!

It should be an easy task to write about you…

IMG_5831Since the day you were born you have been compared to your sisters. I’m not sure where it comes from, but people (myself included) seem to have this need to associate a baby with another person, most often, a family member. Do you look like Layla? Do you look like Meaghan? Whose character does yours resemble the most? Did you do things sooner? Later? What makes you unique? Everyone has their own take on who you are most like.

As for me, I have been pretty consistent in my perception of you as a total mix of your two sisters.  Of course you’re also incredibly unique and special all on your own! But what mother doesn’t think that of her daughter???

IMG_0270My personal perspective of parenting and growing up in general has changed, evolved and solidified over the last several years. There are at least TWO things that I am sure of now. TIME PASSES FASTER WITH EACH PASSING YEAR and WHAT IS SO IMPORTANT AND CRYSTAL CLEAR TO ME TODAY WILL BE A MEMORY... and possibly a forgotten one… IN YEARS TO COME. I have come to realize that while today I may know and understand and remember the “Violet” who just turned two… the only way to remember some of the little unique aspects and idiosyncrasies that make you, you… is to compose a text like this one, in an attempt to freeze in time the way that I see you, love you, appreciate you in this moment and time of our lives.

So what makes you special and what are the recent highlights of your young life?

Well… to begin with, IMG_0717you are my smallest baby. You were the smallest one at birth and you still fit into clothes where the size matches your age. There is no way Layla or Meaghan were actually wearing size 2 when they were 2. You are an absolute goofball. You make your sisters laugh, you make us laugh, you make “funny face”(s) and have started saying “best ever” to lots of different things without really knowing what it means. You laugh on purpose when you think something is funny.

You adore Quinn (a little too much sometimes) but are nervous and scared of dogs or cats that you don’t know.

You say “yes” more than any two-year old I’ve ever known… and are learning very quickly the strategic benefits of saying “peez” (please) and “ank-ou” (thank you)…. and even a little manipulation: “Tiny Bit?”

You want to do everything yourself and are getting more and more vocal about it. “I do it”, “à moi” (mine), “I walk…”, “faster?”, “okay!”…

You are fascinated and infatuated with screens… the “IPAL” (IPad), “puter” (computer), “a show?”. And most recently you break down into tragic tears when denied access to any of these. Ooof.

You love “zert” (dessert) and “scream” (ice-cream)IMG_0388

You’re in your big girl bed and that transition was seamless. Seamless.

You’re affectionate and loving, especially with the people that you are used to. Your little bisoux spray-net, and “luh you Dada, Mama, Layla, Meaghan…” melt my heart.

Some of my favorite moments are in the front entrance before I leave for work and just when I arrive and you pull me into a hug and kiss. I love you and I know you love me too.

Recently you started calling me “MUM” and your Dad “DAL”… but that phase seems to have passed already. We’re back to Dada and Mama… for now.IMG_0894

You are a little moumoune (translates to… scardy cat?). You scare so easily and get nervous when we push you too fast on the swing.

Up until now (this morning apparently!) you’ve had a love hate response to the idea of using the toilet or potty. You wanted to, but you weren’t actually comfortable with the whole idea once you were actually sitting down… and even cried. I don’t remember your sisters` ever doing that

You have eased into full time daycare without a fuss. You run right in and get to business playing with your friends when we drop you off but you’re still very happy when we come to get you – Papa chercher?”.

IMG_0532And whenever we are talking with Layla and Meaghan about school, you pipe in with what you are doing at daycare. You just don’t want to be left out I guess. Too cute.

It’s not all fun and games and cute though… is it sweetie? J You also colour on, cut and destroy things when we aren’t watching you closely enough (which… in our busy house… happens sometimes…). You’re stubborn when you don’t want something and you scream and yell at your sisters when they are not doing what you want them to be doing (like… say… they have their feet on your chair or something…goodness!)

But there is so much more good than bad… and I know that even the bad has some good sides to it… every bad quality has a good “equal” if balanced or properly directed. For stubbornness, there is assertiveness and confidence. For cutting things… there is creativity (?). lol. Right?!?

Needless to say, I love you very much and I am so glad that you came along to complete our little family (A world without little miss Violet just wouldn’t be right).  And so, as much as I can… and in every way possible… with the skills and gifts and love that I have to offer… with my strengths and weaknesses… I will always aim to be the best mom that I possibly can be to you. Both when I am there beside you and when I am not… I will always love you.

Love, Mama xxIMGP4249


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