Summer Memories…

(Apparently I’m on a role this week… or feel like I have a lot to share… 3 posts in 1 week, crazy Andrea, crazy!)

Today is officially the first day of summer.

Pretty exciting, huh? Even more exciting when you’re a kid, a teacher or let’s say… someone extending maternity leave for a little while to be able to enjoy a few more sweet moments with the little one. Yes. That would be me. Yay!

Here’s to… soccer, swimming, long walks, picnics, searching for tadpoles and other critters, lazy afternoons, strawberry shortcake, campfires, trips to the cottage, the zoo, the water park, late nights, early mornings, BBQs, sunscreen, bug spray, reading on the swing or hammock, flying a kite…

This week I finally finished updating my family photo albums (a project I had on my to-do list for my year off work) up to Christmas 2012. 1800 or so pictures later (not kidding – I had yearsss to do – making it a rather expensive project)… I noticed something about our picture-taking. Aside from my trip to Kilimanjaro in 2011 (which filled an album all on its own) a really big part of our family pictures are taken in the summer. And they are beautiful pictures… happy pictures… fun pictures.

summer pictures

And pretty soon, this summer will be summed up by a collection of pictures as well. This special summer – where we are ALL off, ALL home, ALL together, ALL the time…

No matter what we do or don’t do… I am almost certain that our collection of pictures will help us to remember the beauty, the simplicity and the happy family focused times we have waiting for us over the next 8 weeks or so.

And that is a good thing. A really good thing. But all the pictures might (just might) paint a slightly rose-coloured image of what the summer is actually like…

If I am honest, I will admit to you that as much as I am so so so excited for this summer and as much as I KNOW that we are going to make some really incredible memories… I’m also a little nervous. It’s going to be amazing. Yes. It’s also going to be hard sometimes (and admitting this in black and white makes me feel a little guilty… a little ungrateful for this great opportunity that we have as a family).

Should I take pictures of the bad stuff too? Maybe…but… just like I don’t always remember why Brandon and I had such and such an argument in the first place… I guess I don’t really want to remember the not so fun moments that are bound to happen. The mosquito bites. The rainy days where everyone is a little restless. The cuts and bruises. The sunburns. The squabbling children. The crying baby.

Being ALL together ALL the time… we’re bound to grow closer, bond, share special moments… we’re also bound to drive one another a tad wonky.

And so as the next 8 weeks or so start to unfold, as our summer together goes from “summer is almost here” to “summer is here”… I have high hopes and big ideas for all the fun we are going to have. I also want to keep my expectations reasonable because I know… there will be times when I question our decision for no camps and no daycare… but even more than that, more than knowing that it won’t all be sunshine and blue skies and sparking water and the perfect wind blowing in my hair… I know it is going to pass all too quickly.

Before I know it… this summer too… will be another collection of beautiful photographs to help trigger our memories as the years go by.

For now… today… tomorrow… every morning… whether it’s sunny or raining… I want to remind myself to relax, to enjoy… to… and to be happy that I am  and blessed enough to.


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