Not completely myself…

periodI haven’t been feeling completely like myself lately.

Anyone who knows me relatively well can vouch for the fact that I am a tad wonky on a good day. I overanalyze conversations, relationships, missed opportunities… I’m a little restless… a little indecisive… I love a good project…. that I don’t want to miss out anything while I’m trying so hard to find a way to do everything (and nothing at the same time…uh…huh?!)…

But lately…… I’ve been seeing RED. Last week I had so much less umph (yes umph) in my work outs. This week I could have boiled an egg with the rage coursing through my veins for what really… was… nothing.  I could have confused a psychologist with the many different directions my thoughts have been taking me…

As I poured out a series of complex (and somewhat self-loathing) thoughts and concerns to a dear friend over coffee today… (and then again over lunch… um… there’s A LOT going through my ping pong brain) I found myself saying:

I don’t know… I’m kind of starting to wonder if I’m going to get period again soon or something. Even though I didn’t get it until I stopped nursing the other two – they were both weaned completely around 11 months… maybe it was just a coincidence that it started up again when I was finished nursing…  

bad-dum-shhhhhh (that’s a drum sound – in case you weren’t sure)

Guess who decided to come back into my life this evening?

My ( . )

Yeah. Apparently my body thinks it’s time to reproduce again. I guess my body doesn’t know that our family is complete.

Now I have to convince the husband that not everything  I’ve said or done or reacted to in the last few days was because of wonky hormones. I also have to deal with IT on a monthly basis again. Oh the joys of being a woman.


Should I wish for early menopause or would that be completely crazy?


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