Finding Time…

In the last couple of weeks several people (fellow mothers) have asked me a variation of the same question…

How do you find the time to do everything that you do?

My first thoughts of response are rather confused…

…everything that I do?

The question boggles my mind because when I look at myself, my daily comings and goings, I am often disappointed in how little I have accomplished and how much I have forgotten or let slip through the cracks. When I read the monthly “Chatelaine Woman” articles, scan some of the “mommy blogs” out there, when I hear about the incredible things my colleagues are doing at work – I can’t help but feel that somehow, somewhere, I am coming up short. If only I was more organized. If only I wasn’t so torn between family and work. If only there were more hours in a day… or if only I didn’t have to sleep so much to avoid feeling worn out and falling sick (!)

So I am confused… but I am also surprised. Surprised to find out that there are some (if only a handful perhaps) that are looking at me with any kind of admiration for what I am doing.

And from surprise I go to pensive.  What am I doing these days and how am I finding the time? These are the thoughts and concerns of someone who is blessed. Aren’t they?

I’d like to take a few moments now to make a list and then follow up with individual blogs about each (or at least some – let’s not get ahead of ourselves Andrea!) over the next few weeks. Some would say that I’m “goal oriented” so this should get me to keep coming back and sharing my wacky thoughts a little more regularly (for now!).

Andrea’s List of Priorities/Preoccupations/Time-suckers

(in no particular order  of importance)
One-on-one time with Brandon (Chatting, smooching, laughing, dreaming… arguing… c’mon let’s keep it real!)
My girls (school, daycare, activities… discipline… pulling my hair out… one-on-one time)
Maintaining the family budget (or trying to)
Groceries and Cooking (Planning, Budgeting, Family Meals)
Laundry (Lots of laundry)
Exercise (Jillian Michaels is my new BFF)
 Maintaining (renovating/decorating/obsessing over…) our Home
Enjoying (and taking care of) the Cottage
Touching base and getting together with friends
Touching base and getting together with family
Writing down my thoughts (rarely and sporadically!)
Dreaming about possibilities and ideas for the future
Taking on personal goals/projects
Faith, Church and spiritual “questioning” 
Walking the Dog

I think that’s all I have for now. Some of the items are biggies. Some are just daily thoughts that pass through my head… regardless, I’ll start working on an elaboration of one of the above and hope to post something at the beginning of next week.

Disclaimer: I don’t know why, but I feel it is important for me to add this little disclaimer. I want you to know that just because I am writing about my experience, I in NO way think that I am special or accomplished for it. I in NO way think I am an expert.  Some may look at this and roll their eyes a little because most of what I share is simply daily household “to-do” stuff. Some will smile and sympathize with my approach…and my issues… my dreams… Others might read and wish they had more time. (ha… it sounds like I am assuming so so many will actually read!) Alas… in the end… how we spend our time is so unique to each of us (kind of like how we spend our money – but that is altogether different subject)… so take away what you will. I’m going to start writing some thoughts down either way 😉

One thought on “Finding Time…

  1. I like the part about getting together with friends more often. =)
    You already know my thoughts on this! My readers also had some good comments/suggestions to yesterday’s post. At any rate, we’re not alone in this.

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