Here’s to Spontaneous Memory Moments

From one imperfect Mom to another…

Happy BELATED Mother’s Day 🙂

I think it’s fitting that this comes from me after Mother’s day. It seems like I’m often playing catch-up or checking off items on my to-do list after (sometimes much after) I wanted them done in the first place.

With 3 little girls, a puppy, a house to maintain, a cottage to visit, a budget to keep under control, groceries to buy, meals to cook, papers to sign, activities to go to – and an endless list of tasks to take care of – not to mention fitting in some time to take care of myself, the love of my life and our couple… I am certainly never bored being a wife and mom.

It isn’t always easy. I get flustered and irritated easier and more often than I should. I try to fit in time to do special things with the girls… sure… but I also hear myself saying “no” or “just a minute” or “as soon as I’m done doing…” more than I’d like.

I am not a perfect mom. Goodness…not at all! We all have our strengths and weaknesses, don’t we?

Lately it seems like little spontaneous memory moments are my saving grace. In the end, I hope it’s these moments that my children remember the most… because I’ll admit… Mommy can be pretty busy… pretty boring… and even pretty nasty sometimes.

2011-12-17 11.45.05 bWhat is a little spontaneous memory moment? It’s unplanned and it’s me consciously deciding to put down what I’m doing or thinking about for a few minutes so that I can really focus on the little person in front of me… instead of saying no or wait… I make the choice to say “yes” right here and right now.

It’s taking 10 minutes to paint her face while my husband does the dishes after dinner – or better yet – letting her paint my face! It’s letting her get up on the little step bench in the kitchen and measure out the ingredients that I’m putting together (and letting her taste the batter afterwards!). It’s trying to just focus and listen as she tells me her story. It’s reading an extra chapter or two of her book at bedtime. It’s letting her stand on the back of the stroller while we go for a walk. It’s simple little things that don’t necessarily add to my work, tasks or efforts for the day… but that mean a lot to her.

So this year…. on the day after Mother’s Day… here’s to the little spontaneous memory moments that we share with our little ones. There’s just as important, if not MORE important than the big things.



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