Dear Violet…

Dear Violet,

You’re just over six months old now and it’s difficult to imagine what my life might be like right now if you hadn’t come along. Less busy in some ways I suppose… but so much less full. You are so precious little one and I am so happy you are mine; mine to hold, to cuddle, to laugh and play with… mine to cherish, to enjoy, to adore… and mine to care for, clean up after, to teach and eventually… to say “no” to (!)

The way you smile when I come into your room after a nap… is incredible. Your smile hits your eyes and then extends to the rest of your body as you shake your head and pump your legs with glee that “Mama” is here.


You’re a calm and patient baby *most of the time* – which seems to fit the stereotype of a third child. But as you watch your family bustling busily around you, you are learning to use your voice too. These days, the adorable sighs and coos are leading more and more often to shrill screams and squawks, as if you’re demanding that we stop and look at YOU.

You are sitting all by yourself now. From time to time you fall over, but you’re quite steady. You weigh just over 19 lbs at 6 months old and are sporting a nice round belly and those incredible thigh rolls that are absolutely adorable on a baby. You’re height matches your weight, but you still have these tiny little feet… perfect for “this little piggy” and you seem to like chewing on those toes whenever you can reach them (which seems to only happen without a diaper).


You recently started eating. We’ve been offering you quite a range of different foods – from avocado and pear wedges to chicken and hamburger… and pancakes! You seem delighted to explore and munch as you discover all the new textures and tastes. No teeth yet, but you’re amazing me with your ability to chew – not to mention pick up small pieces, like blueberries, that I place on the tray in front of you. Unfortunately you’re still spitting up little bits of milk and meals… which is pretty gross for a cute little monkey… let’s stop that soon, ok?


You adore your dad and sisters and are full of excitement and giggles whenever they are around. And you are more than curious about the new little fur ball in our home – Quinn – but when we let you get close enough to pet her and feel her soft coat, you just want to eat her. Do you think she’s a stuffed animal or something?

What else can I say? A part of me wishes that I could keep you this little forever. And yet… I can’t wait to see how you’re going to grow and change over these next few years. What will you be like as you get older and your little character develops and comes out? Will you remain sweet and calm, with big smiles whenever I walk into the room? Will your eyes stay blue? Will your hair be curly? Will you be easy to potty train? Will you end up sharing a room with one of your sisters? What will you be like with them? Right now the three years between you and Meaghan seems so big… it’s like it’s them and you, the baby. I’m anxious for the day when we watch the three of you playing, giggling and even conspiring together.


But for now I will enjoy you as you are. Because I know how special – and how brief – this time is.

I love you sweet Violet… so so so so much.


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