Our home away from home…

Summer 2012 was full of changes. Layla was getting ready to start school, Meaghan was changing daycare, we were awaiting and then adjusting to our new little Violet… AND… as if that wasn’t quite enough… we also bought ourselves a little yellow a-frame cottage out in the Eastern Townships of Quebec (just barely 2 hours from home, and less once they finish re-paving highway 10!)

We found the “domaine du lac lyster” online a few years ago – a unique concept that made the notion of owning a home away from home significantly more realistic for our family. On the down side, we have to rent our land and aren’t right on the water of the beautiful lake. On the up side (and far outweighing the “down”), we have access to 120 acres of beautiful land, our cottage is 4-seasons and the grass mowing and snow removal is taken care of for us (which means when we arrive, we are there to relax), there’s a private beach with a place for us to dock our future boat (…one day… one day…), the cottage itself is a recent building and apparently we can move it if we decide one day to buy a piece of land somewhere else (seems complicated to me, but the option IS there…).

Now that’s all great and convincing, I’m sure, but the REAL good side of this new monthly expense is the family time and the memories that we’ve had… and that we have to look forward to. Owning the cottage is an investment in our family. It’s a place where we stop saying “just wait until I finish this…”, a place where we aren’t distracted by the television or the internet because we’ve opted to not bring those things there. It’s a place where we play board games and go for long walks, enjoy sitting around the campfire…

Here are some of our favorite pictures of our time at the Rodgers’ cottage so far.

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