Saturday morning project – the Rodgers’ hands

Rodgers' HandsOne of the things on my “to do” list for last week was to finally put up the last frames and shelves in our playroom/den. For once, I didn’t have to spend any extra cash to do this since I had two floating shelves and four Ikea frames left from the “decorations” that used to be in the old nursery and my old bedroom (before they were re-decorated).

(My dear Brandon – I told you there was a reason I was holding on to these things and cluttering our workshop/storage space!)

At first, I was going to put up a collection of family pictures. One of Brandon and I in the big frame and then one of each of the girls in the smaller ones.  But since I plan on doing something very similar in our living room (another item on my “to do” list!) I wasn’t quite sure and was hesitating…

So I started by figuring out the placement of the frames and getting them up on the wall… and while I was doing that, I came  up with an even better idea…

IMG_6238An idea that is completely appropriate for the nature of the room and the multi-colour-scheme we’ve got going on in there!

It took less than 30 minutes to put it all together and the girls were more than willing participants in this very quick Saturday morning project. They even got to paint Mom and Dad’s hands – can’t get much better than that!

I absolutely the LOVE how they turned out… and after putting them up (and the shelves) I can now say that my playroom is officially DONE.

I suppose I could still consider putting up some blinds in the windows, but I think I like them without (and just the way they are!).



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