9 weeks… more or less…

It’s May 24th.  I am 31 weeks pregnant and I have a little acrobat living in my belly. I am not kidding. This ones moves A LOT and OFTEN.

I am feeling better at this point in my pregnancy than I did for either Layla or Meaghan… maybe it’s the weather… maybe it’s something else… but despite being tired and always a little uncomfortable – I’m good. Here’s hoping it lasts.

I am trying to figure out where the last couple of weeks disappeared to. I am thinking off and on about potential baby names. I am  wondering if there’s anything I should be doing to prepare for the this new little girl.

You would think that by Baby #3 I’d have it all figured out. If the lack of stress about the arrival of my next child is a sign of having things all figured out… then I am all good. If forgetting what I actually need for a newborn is not… then I may be in a little bit of trouble

Let’s see… I need…

1. a solid list of names that Brandon and I agree on

2. the girls moved into their “new room”

3. the nursery cleaned and set up (which will hopefully trigger my memory so that I remember all the stuff I need to have in those drawers!)

4. assurance that the 3 car seats WILL fit in the backseat of at least one of our cars (I’ve had the carseat for months, I just have to try it… but like I said… I’m not “stressed”).

5. baby stuff…

July 20 something seems so far away still.I KNOW it’s going to come quickly.

But I’m not stressed.

I’m curious…

What will my labour be like this time around? I don’t expect her to come early… but maybe she will? Will she come out quickly? Take her sweet time? Will I be able to go without pain meds again? Will I have to be induced?

What will she look like? Layla? with dark hair, born with some meat on her bones? Meaghan? fair and loooong and skinny? A mix of the two of them? Completely different?

What will she be like? A sleeper? A screamer? Will her skin be sensitive like the other girls? Will she smile and giggle and laugh easily? Will she nurse well? Will she hurt me?

I can’t wait to meet her… and know her name… touch her little toes and kiss the tip of her nose.

9 weeks… more or less…

…until that runny mustardy baby poop.

…until no more than a few hours of sleep in a row for a while.

…until recovering from labour.

…until putting my newborn into the arms of her father, each of her sisters… and a myriad of others who will love her too…

…until re-learning to swaddle…

…until buying diapers again!

9 weeks… more or less… of consciously deciding to embrace and appreciate the miracle of what is happening with my body… whether I completely enjoy being pregnant (or not…) – it’s pretty freakin’ amazing!



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