The rest of April…

This month has just flown by… but this time, I’m not left wondering where the time went. We lived so much, accomplished so much and are looking forward to a slightly calmer month of May!

Following the renovations, we managed to paint the playroom, install the moulding and put it back together in time for a little birthday party for Meagh last Sunday. She’s three years old… and going on five… with an incredible little personality that not everyone gets to see unfortunately. She will “stoneface” any new person (and even several that she’s very familiar with) until she decides she’s ready to interact more.

I’m quite happy with the cake I pulled together for her party… as I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired and she kept going back and forth from popsicle to princess to who knows what theme. I made a classic golden cake with buttercream icing and rasberries (a slightly modified recipe from my girl Aimee over at I had to ignorantly play around with the quantities of flour and baking powder because I didn’t have the cake and pastry flour and I didn’t add any lemon – but it was YUMMY.

The rest of the week was focused on final preparations for my brother’s wedding. The girls were the cutest flower girls ever… and will remember the day for a long long time to come.  I spent the whole day yesterday feeling proud of how beautiful, sweet and well behaved they are. We must be doing something right…! They lasted (without a glimpse of a meltdown) until we left the party at about midnight.

And my little brother is now a “husband”. wow.


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