A quick update…

It’s been a while (again… so much for being resolved to post more consistently…) so I figured it was time for a little update.

The BELLY – the number of people commenting on how my baby bump seems to have popped has increased significantly in the last 2 weeks. There is definitely no hiding that baby number 3 is on the way. So far my third pregnancy is similar and totally different from the other two. I suffered from consistent nausea for the first 20 weeks or so (at 26 1/2 weeks, I’m happy to be done with that!) but I don’t seem to be having issues with my pubis symphysis (look it up – it’s not something you want to have issues with)… yet… so I’m more comfortable that I would have been when I was carrying Layla or Meaghan at 6 months pregnant. Instead, I’m having some pretty crappy circulation issues… ugliness, pain and discomfort included. Still- I’m grateful. The baby seems active and healthy, the girls kiss my belly every day and I’m really excited to meet and get to know her!

The HOUSE… Do you ever feel like you have too many projects on the go? Well, we barely finished our bathroom reno (which took only 5-6 months to complete!) and we have already moved on to a series of “spring” (or “pre-baby”) projects around the house. Trees trimmed – check. Both cars checked and fixed – check.  New window glass (thermos) for bedroom ordered – check. The playroom and girls’ “new room” re-insulated and re-gyprocked and re-jointed – check. check. check. Now we just have to paint the playroom, paint (and set up) the girls’ room, have the windows installed in our bedroom, fix the fence…  Needless to say my brain is on overdrive and I think it’s a little too early for nesting!

The GIRLS’ ROOM warrants its own “bullet” because everything is starting to come together in my head.  All because I decided to opt for a “sale” duvet cover that Layla liked and that set the tone for the room. On the Ikea website, the duvet cover is $12.99. In the store, it’s only $4.99. I bought 5. No joke – I am absolutely serious. 1 + a replacement for each of their beds and 1 to make curtains or pillows or something… $4.99 – enough said! Once I picked these up, I got the paint… and my next big decision is with regards to the wardrobe. What IS the perfect configuration? …the right number of drawers?… should I get mirror doors or white doors? Life changing decisions obviously (!) but for some reason I’m having a hard time deciding what to opt for.

The GIRLS. April is a big month in our house. On top of work, house projects, spring cleaning, etc…. both girls birthdays are in April. We celebrated Layla’s 5th birthday with an “easter egg” themed party… and this weekend we’ll be celebrating Meaghan’s 3rd birthday with a popsicle or princess or… (she’s 3, she’s undecided!) themed party! Every age has special characteristics… watching Layla bike on 2 wheels for the first time a couple of weeks ago was much more exciting than I thought it might be… watching Meaghan try to follow and copy her sister is too cute for words… watching them both play nicely together – well that just warms my heart!

And I guess that’s a good enough note to end on.

Life is busy. I am tired. But life is also very good.




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