This is going to cost me!

Now that we know for sure that we’re having another little girl, I couldn’t help myself when I saw the adorable pekkle pyjamas and onesies at Costco this  weekend. I left with ten onesies, four 3-month sleepers, two 6-month sleepers and two adorable “outfits”(+ one more from the Children’s Place)… and even though they were all priced really low – my total bill came up to just under $100. Ouch.

A few 3-month outfits

In retrospect, maybe giving/selling all my baby stuff when I was fundraising for summit for wishes wasn’t such a good idea. Maybe? Uh… definitely!

This is going to cost me!

But it’s going to be so much fun too . I’ll just have to cut back on other things… and find a good second hand baby clothing/apparel store nearby!


3 thoughts on “This is going to cost me!

  1. There used to be a nice store on Woodstock in St. Lambert that had good quality children’s clothes. The prices were not super cheap, but the stuff was always nice and in great shape. But it is a long while since my kiddos were babies so it might be gone now

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