On a whim…

Don’t ask me why I’m back after months of silence… but I am.

I wanted to share my great find… a dress for my brother’s wedding.

Since I’ll be exactly 6 months pregnant on their big day, I’ve been searching the web for nice formal maternity gowns. Not easy to find – especially when I need something shipped to Canada.

After posting a questions “where do I find a nice formal maternity dress?” on my aok facebook page last night, I stopped at the BCBG outlet store just for fun on my lunch hour today… and found the perfect dress.

I was impressed at the HUGE selection of long (and short) dresses, and with the help of a great sales rep searched for long (that way my belly can’t make it too short) and flowing (so that my belly still fits in it in 2 months time) dresses. I probably tried on 12.

I found a few really good options, but it was the last one (with the biggest price tag of course) that caught my attention. I asked why it wasn’t on sale like the others and when she passed it through the cash, it had just been reduced… by half! AWESOME.


I tried to find a picture of it on the web… but the best I can do is show you the style and the colour in two different pictures. It’s a little hard to imagine with the belly, but it really looked beautiful and classy and chic. I’m so excited to wear it for real!

And since it’s just a couple sizes bigger than I normally wear… maybe I’ll be able to take it in and wear it again someday? Maybe.

The style

The colour



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