Decorating dilema

I am trying to figure out if the chaise that we finally received today (we orderd it back in August at the same time as our sectional) works/fits with the leather sectional we have in our smallish livingroom. I personally think it’s great on it’s own… but that all together it looks weird, and unbalance but Brandon likes it… hmmm.

What do you think? (Keep in mind that I haven’t bought any shelves or side tables for this room yet… because I’ve been waiting to have a better understanding of the space I would have left to work with).


3 thoughts on “Decorating dilema

  1. I think the design and layout could work (will your tv be going up on the wall). However, wrt colour, your new chaise is the same colour as your wall and therefore you kind of “lose it”. Have you considered painting that one wall a chocolate brown like your couch?

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  3. I think your blue/green accessories (pillows, curtain, plant), give it a unified look. Add some artwork to the walls, lose the beige rug and you’re good.

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