My “grown-up” bedroom

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about how I was obsessing over decoration ideas for my new improved living room and master bedroom. Since then things have really started coming together – though we have yet to receive the chest dresser that goes in our bedroom and the beige chaise for our livingroom, not to mention the exchanges we’re waiting for on items already delivered. It’s not a quick process, but there has definitely been signigicant progress.

Although we started with the livingroom,  our Master bedroom (MBR) is the currently the most “defined” in terms of decor/completion.

This is the 4th time I design my MBR (if you can call it design when it’s really just me trying to figure out what I really like…). Our first bedroom was almost baby blue, with light wood coloured furniture and a white duvet. I really like it but when it was time to paint the MBR in our second home, I decided that the previous blue was TOO BLUE and tried to find a more greyish blue. Not sure I succeeded, but again, I liked it.

When we moved into current home – and first house (3 years ago now), I had this idea that it was time to get away from the blue and have a more grown up room… hmmm… and I can honestly say that I liked the chocolate-brown walls… for about a year. So basically, I’ve been contemplating re-painting for the past two years. The pictures above shows the “before before…” – our current room before we moved in and the “before…” – our chocolate-brown room.

When we I decided to take advantage of the fact that we were getting new MBR furniture this summer to re-paint and re-decorate a little, I barely hesitated before going back towards the blue – though more subtle and more grey. And you know… I think I got it right this time.

We opted to paint with Behr primer/paint in one to get as much coverage as possible over the chocolate brown – and avoid having to do more than 2 coats of paint. I chose the colour urban mist. Not only did we get GREAT coverage with barely 2 coats, I am extremely happy with the resulting colour. I’m loving the light and peaceful misty colour and how it contrasts with my dark wood furniture from The Brick  (which we got for a steal during their anniversary event, thankyouverymuch).

What the rest of the decor? Well at first I really wanted an all-white duvet cover, but when I spotted this grey, white and cream (no there’s actually no blue in there) paisley print bedspread on liquidation at Winners, I had to try it out.

Sigh. It’s just right, isn’t it?

I feel like the bedspread really defines the decor of the room and so even though it is still a work in a progress in some ways (…missing chest, decent blinds and some sort of art or pictures for over the bed…), I already feel like I have a completely new and grown up bedroom – and it’s blue. Go figure.

To top it off – I’m getting creative in small ways and have set up a space-saving and cheap solution for my growing necklace collection! (see below)


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