Summer lovin’

I haven’t posted in almost a month. A busy but relaxing month. Lovely. I could have written so many different posts over the last couple of months…

Titles would have looked something like this:

  • Ten30: Out on the water (sailing!)
  • Surviving a 12 hour + car ride with small children
  • A Failed attempt at mackerel fishing
  • A camper with a view (camping at the family farm)
  • Simple pleasures: rediscovering the slip’n’slide
  • I *heart* wine
  • My easiest (and quickest) summer meals
  • Baby snakes 101
  • Personal Recharge: The power of a little sun and a little fun
  • …etc…

Instead, I’ve gone through my pictures, choosing some of my favorites to tell a part of the story of my summer of 2011.

July 2011

After about July 8th, things slowed down to a more normal pace in the office and although I wasn’t officially on vacation yet, I took most of my friday’s off and enjoyed the wonderful weather (heat!). Since B is a teacher, he was off too – making home life that much simpler too. Life in general was more relaxed and I don’t think we’ve had a July as nice (hot!) in years… nor have we ever been as happy to have a pool! Aside from fun around the house (swinging on the newly built – by Brandon – swing set / re-discovering the slip’n’slide / lazy evening walks / etc.), we managed to get in some camping, a whale watching “mommy and daddy only” trip (for my Ten30 of the month), and a long weekend on the Rideau River with Brandon’s family. By the end of July I was feeling re-charged despite the fact that I hadn’t actually taken my vacation yet. There’s just something about longer evenings, easy barbeque meals and sunshine that does the body (and soul) and whole lot of GOOD.

August 2011

Things picked up a little when Brandon taught a weeklong summer school class at the beginning of the month. It REALLY makes a difference to have an adult at home during the day. Ohmygoodness. Needless to say, by mid-August, I was ready for MY TURN to shut down my work computer for a more extended holiday. I only took 2-weeks… but it was well divided and so it felt longer. We took on the 12+hour drive to go spend some time with my Mom who lives in Guysborough county, Nova Scotia. To be honest, we were terrified of what the car ride would be like… but our girls were incredible. This was in large part thanks to a good mix of activities, books, naps and (of course) a trusty portable DVD player. We also had excellent driving weather – I can’t say enough about the clear night driving in New Brunswick, under  beautiful full moon! While we were visiting my mom we took advantage of the proximity to the beach and lake, enjoyed some small town entertainment and tried mackerel fishing (not so successfully!). By the time we came home, we’d been out-of-town for a week and were ready to take on my house projects… we painted and painted (thank you Cal!) to prepare the livingroom and our bedroom for new furniture. I’m so happy with the outcome so far – and will post pictures soon. We spent a day at Granby zoo… I went sailing with my friend Magalie and her Dad (my Ten30 activity for the month of August)… and simply enjoyed being together, doing simple things…

As always… the summer went by too fast. With labour day weekend behind us, we’ve already passed over the threshold that leads us into fall (you know… I don’t think I would even mind if our fall didn’t lead into a too cold and too long Canadian winter). There are still things to look forward to…

  • Another 2 or 3 Ten30 adventures (one of which is girls weekend trip to TO to try out the CN tower EdgeWalk – eeek!)
  • Apple picking (apple crisp, apple cake, apple muffins…)
  • Thanksgiving Dinner (and pumpkin pie)
  • My 30th Birthday
  • Sitting next to Brandon when he is a vendor at the local reptile expo for the first time (weird… right? but possibly lucrative?!)


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