Ten30: A Whale of a Time…

Note: I am so in summer mode. While I may have LOTS to share, I can’t seem to sit down here for long enough to write out a decent post. So,here’s one that should have been posted more than 2 weeks ago!  


“Ten30” is becoming a commonly used term around the office.

Friends and colleagues will begin conversations with “So I was thinking about
your ten30…” or “So what are you doing this month?”. Last week one of my
colleagues’ sent a link around the office with the subject  “Ten30…?”. It was the CTV Toronto report on a new activity for thrill seekers – Walk the edge.  My jaw dropped and my palms were sweating as I watched the reporter and contest winners walk around the top of the CN tower.

An adventure for the coming fall? Just maybe…

This month (July)’s “first experience” was much tamer. When Brandon
suggested that we celebrate our 7-year wedding anniversary by going whale
watching (as a part of a short getaway to Quebec city), I said yes right away –
followed by “…that could one of my ten30 activities”.

We left a heat wave in Montreal for thunderstorms in
Quebec City and then onto the cooler, but still sunny, Charlevoix region. BEA-U-TI-FUL. Seriously.

Had we known that the people doing the same tour the day before us didn’t see a
single whale, I’m not sure I would have been so willing to board the 3-4 bus ride
from Quebec to the whales. Thankfully, we had better luck. Much better luck.

We decided in advance to pay the premium to be on the zodiac
boat and I think it was worth it. We would have seen the whales either way, but it was cool to be closer to the water, all suited up, with our private guide.

We saw lots of whales. Fin, minki and beluga whales. Well… to be more specific, we saw their
spray, and then the hump and the fin as they plunged under water.  I don’t know why I expected to see more… we were in a boat after all… on TOP of the water. Still quite impressive. They are HUGE.

While we were in Quebec city, we also discovered a specialty toy store BENJO. We lost our sense of time browsing all the different sections… and could have spent a fortune on the girls (and ourselves!) in there. We came home with a slip-and-slide. We all tried it out the next day!


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