No such thing as “Supermom” (1)

Two separate people called me “Super Mom” this past weekend… for totally different reasons and with completely different meanings, but still.

What comes to mind when you hear that term? Many things come to my mind… “I” don’t.

As nice as it is to hear that people think I’m doing a good job – I feel like I need to say it…

I am not her. I don’t know her. And I really don’t think she exists.

Sure, some people are very good at putting on a good show. They woo us with their incredible ability to balance all the aspects of motherhood along with an amazing career, an incredible love life with plenty of time left over for exercising and investing in hobbies and interests.  While there is really nothing wrong with putting ones best face forward, it can unfortunately make some of us girls feel a little “less than”.

I repeat, I am not her. I have plenty of issues that I deal with on a daily basis, trust me.

Actually, I am convinced that the only way for any of us Moms to trick people into thinking that we even resemble this fictitiously perfect “Super Mom” being is to have 1) the right support network 2) vision and motivation in our lives and 3) amazing time management skills (because let’s face it, there are just never enough hours in a day, right?!)

Mom’s need support.

Speaking from my own recent experience, I would never have been able to take on the fundraising for “Summit for Wishes”, nor travel to Africa to climb Kilimanjaro without the support of MANY people around me – first and foremost, my husband, “B” (He’s amazing and I love him for it).

But let’s be completely honest. It’s not just the big projects in life that make me need support. In fact, I probably need it more for the regular day-to-day “figure out who I am and who I want to be” kind of stuff. Regardless of the size and nature of my current goals and ambitions, a good support network is essential to maintaining sanity, seeing things through and/or simply having someone with whom to bounce ideas off of and share the ups and downs with.

  • My husband, my best friend, my Brandon (aka “B”). I share my life with him, so I might as well share the craziness too. He thinks I’m a strong and capable person – will tell it to me straight if he thinks I’m going in too many different directions at once – and keeps me grounded. He’s good to me and good for me. But although he’s fantastic, there are times when B can’t offer the type of support that I need.
  • My fantastic girlfriends and colleagues. Sometimes I need a friend who will just listen or offer a different perspective; Tell me I’m crazy or that I’m absolutely extraordinary (and why do I keep forgetting it?!). Other times I need someone who gets me/understands my perspective and can relate to what I am living. And sometimes…  I just need someone to leave candy and a sweet card on my chair because they know it’s going to be a crazy week (yes… that is props to my ladies IzzyB and SMV!)…
  • “Okay with Andrea” also gives me a kind of support network. Sometimes I simply need to blent (blog vent…?). It helps me to get my ideas in order, I swear. But most of all, the feedback that I’ve gotten from readers helps me to realize that I’m not alone… so many of us deal with the same issues and concerns. You totally understand where I’m coming from and when you read my crazy thoughts!

More about “motivation” and “time managment” to come…


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