Kicking Off Summer 2011

June 21st may be the official first day of summer, but for anyone living in Quebec, the true beginning of the summer season comes (AKA the end of the school year) on June 24th with St-Jean-Baptiste-Day. And voila… 2 back to back long weekends that bring us right into July.

Our first weekend of summer…

Unfortunately I have no pictures of my St-Jean long weekend, because instead of a beautiful weekend (like the one I spent working the week before) we got cool weather and rain for our first camping trip of 2011. Enough rain to make us woosy out, pack it up and drive home before attempting a second night. Bleck.

The camping trip wasn’t a complete failure. We had a brief campfire where the girls roasted marshmallows on twigs from the woods… we managed to get the little ones to sleep all the way until 7:15 a.m…. got creative with our craft supplies and made sparkly racoon masks… and went for a walk to the beach (during which we obviously managed to get stuck in a  downpour) .

“One more day off”

Thank goodness I took an extra day off work… because Monday was BEAUTIFUL. In fact, it was the kind of day that almost made me forget what the rest of the weekend was really like. After a lazy morning routine, the girls and I walked B to work for his last office clean-up/ and teacher shin-dig lunch thingy.

Then, after a failed attempt to go to the park (apparently they’ve decided to start enforcing the “no dog” rule at our local park and I was told to leave or be “fined” $100. lovely, huh?)… the girls and I played a little in the backyard (the swing set that B built for them last weekend is a huge hit!), did a craft and then headed to their first ever swimming lesson(s).

I’ve been carrying around some “mom guilt” for a while because my girls, 4 yrs and 2 yrs, had never taken swimming lessons. We’ve worked with them in our own pool and have seen a lot of improvement, but learning how to swim properly is important. So now they’re in 2 weeks straight of outdoor lessons. And  let me tell you – swimming lessons are a HIT. Except for the other screaming/whining children that happen to be there at the same time. That part is not so much fun.

Since B is a teacher, he’s now off for the summer and he’ll spend the next 2 weeks with the girls – taking them to their swimming lessons. I didn’t think I would be, but I’m jealous. I’m sure it won’t always be fun or easy, but he’ll get to see their day by day swimming progress AND make some pretty amazing memories with them over the next two weeks.

Monday ended off with some pretty yummy “best burgers ever” (a recipe that I originally made for Father’s day, and modified a little for my own tastes), our regular evening dog-walk, and the first run for week 4 of my “couch to 5 K” running program. (I know… I should actually be starting week 6, but the last couple of weeks were impossible… hence the fact that I’m now practicing gratitude!).

And while it may be back to work for me… summer is definitely here!



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