Ten30: Starting Running

When I first decided to do this “Ten30” project, I figured it would be easy to come up with something new to do each month for ten months.  What I didn’t realize was how quickly each month would go by, and how at the end of each month I would find myself scrambling and trying to come up with something interesting to do.. that wouldn’t require significant funds or advanced planning.

I was feeling rather lame at the end of last month for not coming up with something for the month of May – when I realized that I did do something “new” this month. I started my first ever running program. So maybe I haven’t run my first 5 K yet…. that doesn’t take away from my new experience, does it? And even if it does, who really cares? I’m doing this project for me – no one else. And I’m certainly not going to be evaluated by it.

AND… the next few months are already full if I manage to do all the things on my list. Some are interesting, some are scary…. go whale watching, get a tatoo, give blood, go sky diving, go hot air balooning… and I have a few back up ideas, just in case (!)

If you want to read more about my running program – there’s more here.

If you have suggestions for something I just have to try before I turn 30… by all means, suggest away.


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