From the couch to 5 K…

When it comes to exercise, running has always been pretty close to the bottom of my list of “go to” work outs. I’d rather lift weights, jump into a spin class or climb a mountain.

As much as I have never enjoyed running, I also have this exercise-fantasy of pulling on a pair of running shoes and heading out for a run, feeling the wind in my hair and listening to a mixture of my own steady deep breaths and music from the earphones securely tucked into my ears… while I check out my surroundings.

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

Or not… Back in the real world, it’s more like I’m gasping for air, trying to breathe through my nose, I’m fighting a cramp and I’m not enjoying myself at all.

From what I gather, it doesn’t have to be either of those scenarios. If I take it slowly and train my body to run… it will run.

After toying with the idea for several weeks (months…?) I finally decided to go ahead. I needed shoes. I needed a program. And I needed to start.

The Shoes:

I took a trip to The Running Room where I was told that my feet only required “cushioning” and no major support. I tried on a few pairs of really expensive shoes – none that I absolutely fell in love with (I blame that on my size 10 feet – nothing is as cute in size 10 as the size 7 they always have on the shelf!!).  I decided to consider my decision, headed over to Winners and found a great pair of Saucony’s for $49.99 (as opposed to $149.99). Très cool. And nothing at all like my saga to find the perfect pair of  hiking boots

The Program:

B has an iPod Touch… and we were browsing the different apps together and found Get Running “From the couch to 5K”. The reviews were all good – and so I decided to give it a try. Realizing that I would only be starting with interval runs where I would run 1 minute and walk for 90 seconds, made me feel much better about the whole idea.

The Get Running Website boasts “a personal trainer with a human voice (…). Even if you’ve never run before, Get Running will gently introduce you to running with a nine-week fitness plan”.

After only 2 runs, only 2, I’m already a believer. My first “run” (if you can even call it that at this point) was harder than I thought it would be, but my second one already seemed a little easier. I’m anxious to see how this goes, am determined to see it though, and am secretly hoping that I become slightly obsessed with running so that I can finally find an exercise that I love to do so much that I just have to keep on doing it!


4 thoughts on “From the couch to 5 K…

  1. Salut Andréa,
    Vraiment c’est une superbe idée le 10/30!!! J’adore!!!
    J’ai des suggestions pour toi (tu en fais ce que tu veux)…
    – Une journée bénévolat (Ste-Justine ou ailleur),
    – Préparer une recette que tu n’as jamais fais (moi j’esserai du shushi… mais peut-être en as-tu déjà fait),
    – Préparer un jardin (une plate bande ou autre) de fines herbes…,
    – Préparer une fête (gros BBQ,…) avec toute ta famille (amis(es)),
    – Faire du vitraille,
    – Parachute,
    – Voilier,
    – Un tour d’hélicoptère,
    – …
    Bonne continuité 🙂 Richère

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