I want…

What do I want to be when I grow up? What kind of person do I want to be?

Tougher questions than they seem if you ask me. The type of questions that send my mind in about a hundred different directions – all at once.

For someone who jumped into “serious” life from a young age. An “old” twenty-something year old… this may seem weird. But maybe I missed the whole questioning part somewhere along the way – making me ask myself too many questions when I’m supposed to be at the point where I’ve figure things out.

But if I bring it down to the basics and things I can actually realize now without any major changes like moving or a new job or finding another mountain to climb(!) there are things that I want that aren’t totally unatainable.

I just need a little discipline. A little motivation. A little time.

I want…

– to do a good job at work… but not at the expense of my personal life. I need to find a way to get back to working part-time and spending more time with my girls – while I still can. Layla’s already 4 and that happened in the blink of an eye. It won’t be long before they’re both in school…  

– to exercise for at least 20 minutes, at least 3 days this week (and every week from now on)

– to stop over-analyzing everything and just let life happen (thinking of all the plans I once made that got transformed and changed when life “happened”… well there’s really no use to making such big plans anyway!)

– to get back in touch with my God.

– to live. to laugh. to love.

…to just freakin do it.

Sounds simple enough, but not necessarily easy. 



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