Shopping Therapy

It’s mid-april and though I don’t think I ever realized it before, this seems to be sale season.

I got in some pretty decent “shopping therapy” this past week when a lunch outing brought me to the 40% of all discount items sale at RW&CO.

I’m not absolutely sure that it’s related or if it’s because of the weather or something else, but leaving the mall with a bag full of new items lifted my spirits and put a bounce into my step.

According to wikipedia – what I’m calling shopping therapy is actually retail therapy, a term first used in the 1980s:

“We’ve become a nation measuring out our lives in shopping bags and nursing our psychic ills through retail therapy.”

Although I don’t think I have any major psychic ills, I do know that my self-esteem is affected by how I look – or let me rephrase that – how I think I look.

If I am put together, if I feel like I look good, am in style, and have somehow managed to pull together just the right balance of trendy and classic – for me – I feel good about myself. 

I don’t think it’s about putting on a show – or pretending to be someone or something I am not – but I do believe that we can use clothes and accessories to help reflect the type of person that we are on the inside… or maybe even, the type of person we want to be.  

Does that just sound like an excuse to buy clothes that I like? Maybe. In my defense – I rarely buy anything full price and when I find a sale that is worthwhile – I try to “stock” up on pieces that will last (through seasons, through trends, etc.).

Still – the problem with shopping therapy…

The “high” doesn’t last… and once you start buying, it seems like you just want to buy more.

Why is that?!



2 thoughts on “Shopping Therapy

  1. Had a little retail therapy myself today. =) D & I had a downtown day sans enfants. Priceless. Long lunch, matinée, and shopping. We didn’t even mind the rain.

    Can’t wait to see what you got! Hopefully we didn’t get the same dress. Lol.

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