Decisions Decisions

As I was logging on to Okay with Andrea today, I read the little slogan that I came up with when I moved over to wordpress.

Live. Love. Laugh. Just do it.

It’s easy to say and easy to write down – but I’m finding that it’s also easy to lose perspective. And quickly. Whatever happened to my big “kilimanjaro” lessons? Live life in the moment, slow down, enjoy…? I haven’t even been back from Tanzania for three months.

With some of the news that we got last week (after my ultra relaxing spa time, remember?) came some pretty big decisions. Unfortunately, I happen to be extremely indecisive. Extremely. I’m wondering if my biggest problem isn’t as simple as the fact that I want to have my cake and eat it too (while remaining a nice healthy weight!)

So now I find myself bouncing back and forth – weighing pros and cons. Thinking I’ve made up my mind one minute and then changing it the next. GRRR. Yes, that’s me growling. Am I the only one who sometimes wishes that life came with a manual written just for me?

Chapter 1: Hobbies that will make Andrea the happiest / Chapter 2: The optimal number of children for Andrea’s character and lifestyle (and body type) / Chapter 3:  The decorating style that will make Andrea feel the most at home / Chapter 4: Andrea’s perfect career path /Chapter 5: ………………………………..

Alright so I AM crazy. A little. At least I can still laugh at myself, right?  

But seriously, what is the best way to make a decision…? When you’re restless, indecisive and always looking for the “best” option? Where somehow everyone comes out a winner…?

Oh doesn’t the unknown make life so interesting?! 


(PS) I promise my posts are going to become more positive. soon.


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