Ten30: A weightless experience (on earth)

Image from Le BATH ROOM

Can you float on water? I mean really float – not with your bum sinking to the bottom while you struggle to keep your head in a position so that you can breathe?  Well… I really floated for the first time this week.

When I first announced that I was going to do something new every month until I turn 30, one of the girls that I shared my Kilimanjaro experience with  recommended that I try the “bain flottant” (floating bath) at Montreal’s Le Bath Room. Thank you Stephanie… it was definitely an experience I’ll remember.

This ‘new’ experience was completely different from climbing Kilimanjaro (or going on my firs safari) in January and donating my pony tail in February. For one, it felt totally selfish. Kilimanjaro was thrilling for me, but it was also for a really good cause. And when I was getting my hair highlighted, cut and styled, at least I knew that I was still doing something for someone less fortunate. While Le BATH ROOM gave me a relaxing afternoon, it did little for anyone else around me… and the effect on me and my morale didn’t last nearly as long. 

Although I totally love spa treatments, I am unfortunately of the opinion that massages and other “relaxation” treatments need to be done regularly to have any sort of sustained benefit. It seems to me that all it takes is a little bad news or the next crisis (no matter how insignificant) to make all the good done by a few hours at the spa practically disappear. I was lucky enough to get bad news two times within 24 hours. Yay for me (!)

With that said… here are the best and worst things about my “floating bath” experience.

The Best:

  • I actually floated… effortlessly… I was taken by surprise at how the water just lifted my body from the moment I was in. Très cool.
  • The quiet, the lack of any sort of restraint (I was totally alone, totally naked and I chose to turn all the lights off) It’s very serene to have so little “stimulation” to your senses (sight, sound, touch…)
  • The time in the bath made me enjoy my massage more. My theory is simple. I thikn I was more relaxed when the massage began (and almost drooling from incoherence by the end!)

The Worst:

  • I had a little cut on my baby finger. When I started to feel the sting, I thought it would go away after a bit, but with 1/2 water and 1/2 salt…  I had to get out of the bath and cover it in vaseline to make the burning stop. And when I did that, some of the water from my hair dripped into my eyes. Youch. A word of caution: be prepared!
  • I had a really hard time turning my brain off. Granted, this is in no way because of the bath… it’s just who I am. But still, I feel like I spent the first 30 minutes chattering away in my mind and wondering how much time had passed.
  • I personally really enjoy the feeling of water moving on me. Swimming, standing under a hot shower (or better – a waterfall). I don’t know why, but I expected to “feel” the water more. But because the room was the same temperature as the water, which was also the same temperature (about) as my body…  I didn’t really feel the water much. Unless I moved.

All in all… the best word to describe the experience is interesting. I kind of liked it, I kind of didn’t and I’m pretty sure it would be more enjoyable a second time around (when I would know what to expect). I will say that it’s definitely worth trying. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it.

Now I’m just looking forward to whatever it is that I’ll end up doing in April! Lots of ideas have been coming in… hot yoga, run a 5 K, tile my basement shower, pole dancing lessons (lol), etc.!

It should be an interesting few months!



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