Andrea M: A blast from the past

While cleaning out my bedside table, which included a box of “memories” collected over the years, I found a poem written for me (and about me) by a childhood friend, Denise Watt. Denise and I grew up going to the same church, having sleepovers and talking about everything… faith, boys, our dreams… She was also the one who showed me how to pluck my eyebrows (ouch!).  Eventually, we grew up and went our separate ways, each changing and growing more into the women (and wives and mothers) that we are today. But when I stumbled upon this poem, it took me back to “18”… and made me smile.  Thank you for your beautiful and kind words Denise.

Andrea M.

I know this girl named Andrea
She’s a good girl
So good that every Sunday the adults stop and proclaim
“What a smart girl, what a pretty girl”
Such a pretty girl, that all the guys just stop and stare
And only a select few stop and reflect upon what she really is (a friend)
Andrea has a boyfriend
A good boy, but a hairy boy
A boy who treats her well, but who sometimes needs to close his mouth and stop,
And smile and admire what he has
Andrea says she’s fat
I agree and pat her on the head in hopes to let her know just how ridiculous she’s being
Andrea loves Jesus
Andrea has big dreams
Andrea is more than you think she is
More than the label (“perfect”) she has been given
Somewhere inside, something is pushing, growing
Andrea thinks she’s going crazy
But I know that she is just starting to see that she is abstract
All three dimensions
Five senses
Conscious and unconscious
Weak, strong
Courageous, fearful
Mind, body, spirit,
What a blessing
I know she’ll be alright.
(February 27,  2000)
Don’t forget it
♥ Denise

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