Barbie won’t last long here…

Warning: The following may contain graphic or offensive content. lol.

This past Christmas we bought the girls a common gift, a doll house that we imagined they would play with for years to come. We asked relatives to jump in and buy presents to match so the girls also each got their first Barbie dolls. One with warm brown hair for L, and one with strawberry blond hair for M.  They even got a Barbie horse and fridge and a few changes of clothes.

As someone who played with my own Barbie’s for longer than most of my friends… I was pretty excited about it all and anxious to see if the girls (especially M, who at barely 2, is probably too young for Barbie… but alas… there was no question that we had to make it possible for her to share in the fun – the second child grows up so much faster than the first…).

At first, the girls were both very excited about the new play option. It was sweet and funny to watch L play out scenario’s with her doll and frustrating (but funny) to keep telling M to keep the doll furniture in the doll house.  All in all, we couldn’t have picked a better gift.

We set everything up in their playroom, and for a while it was definitely the toy of choice. Like any new toy, it has a lost a bit of its initial appeal since then, but the girls – especially L – just keep going back.

Unfortunately, so does the dog.  It’s quite disturbing actually.

We have to keep after L to pick up her Barbie stuff when she’s done playing… because if she doesn’t and we leave for the day (or go to bed for the night), we may just come home (or wake up) to this:

We’ve already lost 3 or 4 Barbie’s and lots of accessories (including the horse saddle!) to our 9 1/2 year old Australian Shepherd, Reuben.  I’m not sure if it’s worse that he eats them or that we can totally recognize the pieces in his poo. Either way, it’s pretty terrible.

Barbie’s just don’t last long here…!


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