Ten30 – Locks of Love

At the beginning of February, I looked like this… long chocolate-brown hair. Sometimes it was like this, sometimes it was curly. But most of the time it was pulled back into a messy bun or pony tail.

I decided several months ago that after climbing Mt-Kilimanjaro, I was going to chop off my hair and donate my pony tail to Locks of Love, a public non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children (under age 21) in the United States and Canada suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis. 

Needless to say, when I decided in January that I was going try to live a “new” experience every month until I turn 30 in October 2011, it was easy to choose what I would do in February.

Unfortunately, my hair had been highlighted in the past, so I wasn’t able to give my entire pony tail to the organization. Lucky for me, I have A LOT of hair… so even that little section in the back (that was untouched by hair lightener) provided a pretty decent 12 inch braid for me to send off.

I opted to go to a salon “down town” since I knew the change was going to be big one.  After weeks to consider my decision (and the excessive cost) I’ve come to the conclusion that there was really no advantage to going in town and paying so much. The cut is great, but it’s much more classic than what I thought I would come out with. The highlights are amazing, but I know a few less expensive places to go for the same quality.

My appointment was at 10 a.m. and I walked out of the salon around 2:30 p.m. with a totally new look. And other than a few people who haven’t been in love with the “new” do… I have never felt so pretty.  More than a month later, I’m still getting compliments about how I look. I think it has a lot do with the fact that my hair is actually always “done” now and that I put in the extra effort to wear a little make-up most days…

…but seriously, I should have cut my hair a long long time ago, no? LOL.

But this was a while ago, and half way through March I still don’t know  what I’m going to do this month. I missed a really cool opportunity to try “flying trapeze” with some colleagues while we were away in Cuba. I’ve gotten some weird responses from people when I say that I might get a tatoo. My response is that it’ll be the size of a toonie and will represent my daughters… it won’t be a “tête de mort”(skull)… but whatever. I don’t think I’m quite ready for it anyways. (My fear of needles is definitely better than it once was, but it’s still very much there).

Someone suggested I try Le Bath Room experience in Montreal. Sounds like a good excuse to get is some R&R….

Any ideas for me… I only have 2 weeks to get my act together!


7 thoughts on “Ten30 – Locks of Love

  1. Oui, oui, le surf! Je veux savoir c’est comment!! ;o)
    Un tattoo de la grosseur d’un toonie, je ne te le recommande pas. Je crois que plus c’est petit, moins tu peux mettre de détails. Et avec le temps, the lines will bleed… P-ê voir avec Béa au CPE!!
    Marie-Hélène (la maman de Macbeth!)

    • Marie-Helene (la maman de Macbeth) –
      Je ne sais pas si le surf compte comme un premiere – vue que j’en ai deja fait au Costa Rica… on pourrai dire “la premiere fois que fais du surf a l’interieure”? 😛

      • oui, vas-y pour une 1ere en surf intérieur! Si tu y vas, donnes nous du feedback. J’aimerais bien savoir c’est comment!

  2. Wow! I cut my hair in late 2009 and let it grow back, but that was because it was damaged from previous dying and colors, so no chance to donate it! What a great idea you had, and I really like your “new” hair style, too, it makes your face look very different!

    • Thank you Laura! The no make-up before and then full make-up after certainly helps… but several months later, I’m still getting compliments on the new style and colour… Which is great for my ego!?

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