Getting it done…

Had I known back in November what my workload at the office was going to look like this month (and next…) I probably wouldn’t be heading off on vacation in a few short days.

I know work won’t fall apart without me, and that things will get done when they’ll get done… but when I’m in the thick of the rush, the deadlines, the stress… it certainly feels like what I’m doing is incredibly important. And like I’m the only one who can do it.

Ha! I have to stop and laugh at myself a little. But perspective and balance seem very far away right now.

I know that my family is more important. I know that I’m not irreplaceable in the office. I know that leaving on vacation will be incredibly good for me. For my family. For my couple. 

I also know that the next few days (and evenings) are going to be very busy… but that when I step out of the office on Friday evening pick up my girls, I’m going to say:

“Guess where we’re going tomorrow…?”

And somewhere between the end of that question and the rise of giggles and excitement that follows – the office will start to seem less important and further away.

Oh sweet vacation… I can’t think about you too much yet… but here I come!

My work will wait for me while I’m away. 😉



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